Food intolerance is a disguised enemy. Permanent intake of food that your organism can not properly use to create energy inside the cells, definitely generates toxins. Congenital food intolerance appears due to lack or poor activity of a certain enzyme, congenital error in the genetic code of the enzymes included in the complex metabolic processes. Intolerance can often be a result of stress, infections, intake of medicaments that can affect the colon wall.

As a result, undigested food may enter the blood, which induces production of specific IgG antibodies, immune complex formation that appears as chronic inflammatory reactions. The most frequent food intolerance symptoms are: chronic overweight issue, chronic gastrointestinal problems: diarrhea, constipation, stomachache, gases, irritable colon syndrome, bloating, colic, headache, migraine, wrist pain, skin problems: atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, itching, urticaria. Food intolerance gives rise to headaches, frequent sneezing, blocked nose, wrist pains, weight gain, digestion problems, acids, bloating, gases, increased sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides level in the blood. The most serious food intolerance complication might end in various malign tumors.

Food intolerance remission is possible if you avoid certain food and stick to an appropriate diet plan. The food intolerance test helps you find out which food is harmful for you and it can also help you improve and maintain your health. The test is performed on German “Medtronic” “MORA super diagnostic” and “MORA NOVA touch”. The procedure can be repeated several months later, to establish whether your body is “clean” of the food you have shown intolerance to.

Mora – Super is a device with an advanced software designed for detecting intolerance to certain food. The idea for using bioresonance as a method was introduced by dr. Franz Morella who separated electrical signals from the human organism to physiological (healthy) and pathological (unhealthy) oscillations. BioResonance is a safe and noninvasive diagnostic method. Like every diagnostic medical test, it is characterized with its own specificity and sensitivity. The BioResonance MO – RA testing uses the concept of electromagnetic waves to diagnose a specific condition.

The body’s response to frequencies of numerous food types detects the intolerance to a particular food type. This is a complementary method in medicine. Various studies in the past 25 years show that 55% of the world population is hypersensitive – their bodies overreacted to some food and drink components. Hypersensitivity can be congenital or acquired. Certified, professional nutritionists, together with doctors, specialists, apply this method in the Internal Medicine Center “Srce”. The device covers for over 250 items of food and drinks. The food intolerance test can also be used for patients who suffer metabolic disorders or have some auto- immune illness. The elaborate diagnostics is used to create personal diet profile – the nutritionist defines a diet program in accordance to the results.

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