Internal Medicine Center SRCE 20th anniversary

Following the paths of my teachers …


Dr. Mirko Dubravčić, dr. Srđan Radelić, dr. Ratko Ermakora, PhD dr. Josif Naumovski, prof. dr. Borislav Karanfilski


Having come back from Croatia in 1993, after several futile attempts, I fail to get a post in public healthcare or the former Military Hospital.  In the spring of 1994 I start working in the newly open “Diagnostic Centre”.

That summer, the eminent cardiologist dr. sci. Josif Naumovski establishes “Atik Kor”, one of the first private clinics specialized in internal medicine and cardiology.  Soon, he notices my work and I get an offer to be his associate and accept it without hesitation. So, I start working as specialist, internist in “Atik Kor” from 1st January, several months after it is established.  At the time, dr.sci. Naumovski was one of the most distinguished experts in echocardiography in the country.

After I joined, “Atik Kor” introduced other echo techniques, which, in addition to the already existing cabinet, set the foundations for the future broad diagnostic in internal medicine and cardiology. After the retirement of the famous pathophysiologist professor dr. B. Karanfilski, he becomes a consultant in the clinic and starts the thyroid gland cabinet. It is not long before “Atik Kor” becomes an eminent and well respected clinic in the country. The doctors’ team is a leader in the field of private medical care in the country, and becomes an example to be followed by the future clinics. For the first time, the team’s expertise and professionality give the patients an opportunity to get efficient results; meaning an accurate diagnosis and treatment, the same day and at the same place.  The other private clinics in the country try to apply this major principle with varying success, but none will achieve this level.

After 8 years of hard work in “Atik Kor”, during which I acquired extremely precious experience, knowledge and reputation, I feel that I have the necessary expertise, education and experience to continue on my own. On 1st January, 2002, I establish Internal Medicine Center SRCE, with two employees only.

The team expands in the years to come, not only in numbers, but professionally as well. Two young doctors become exceptionally good diagnosticians and accomplish their specialization in internal medicine. The Center will produce three future cardiologists, now recognized as eminent experts beyond our country. Today, The Center SRCE offers a variety of advanced diagnostic procedures in any field of internal medicine performed by some of the best experts, professors in various fields, who have been our longtime consultants.

In 2014 we start our biochemical laboratory because laboratory analyses are essential in reaching diagnosis and prognosis of the disease. The credible laboratory results from our laboratory are the key element to establishing an accurate diagnosis.

Besides diagnostics, which is our primary focus of interest, we start a new project in 2015. Dietetics and dietotherapy, about which doctors have at least basic knowledge, is our new challenge. Obesity, being a global issue, imposes the importance and significance of healthy nutrition.  This is a field of preventive medicine, and our team of specialists, internists, endocrinologists and cardiologists is reinforced with nutritionists, engineers in food technology, which makes the Center reginal leader in obesitology and the other metabolic disorders.

The bigger team and the wide range of diagnostic and preventive procedures imposed the need for larger and more functional cabinets, so the Center moved to a new location. The environment and the arrangement in the new location are, aesthetically and functionally, pleasurable both for the staff and for the patients.

Today, after 20 years of successful practice, we believe we have the right to claim that Internal Medicine Center SRCE is an appreciated and eminent medical institution, one of the few in the country up to the mark of a prominent clinic.


Dr. Goran Nikolov,

Internist, cardiologist