Nephrology investigations.


Nephrology is a branch of internal medicine that deals with kidney function and their disesases. Nephrology deals with diagnosis and treatment of many kidney diseases, but it also deals with diseses that can seriously harm kidneys, and are not directly related to them.

Hypertension or increased blood pressure is a medical condition when the artery blood pressure is increased, which makes the heart pump harder to help the blood circulate along the blood vessels. Hypertension is the main risk factor for a stroke, heart attack, heart failure, artery anevrism, periphery artery disease… and is a reson for a cronic kidney disease.

Nephrology and hypertension, investigations and services:

  • Urogenital tract ultrasound (kidneys, bladder and prostate)
  • Chronic kidney diseases with an assesment of the function
  • Creatinine clearance
  • Tests for urine, creatinin, uric acid, electrolytes – iones, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphor, chlorides
  • Nephrologist’s treatment of hypertension, specialist in hypertension, including 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, Holter
  • Testing and treatment of diabetic foot, and
  • Consultations, advising, therapy, preventive check-ups, second opinion