Alongside the regular staff, that comprises of doctors specialists internists and subspecialists cardiologists, nutritionists, biochemical engineer, nurses and laboratory technicians, and an administrator, the Center for Internal Medicine “Srce” also cooperates with a team of consultants, professors and subspecialists in various fields of internal medicine, who permanently perform highly sophisticated diagnostic procedures. Subsequently, you might say that some of the best internist in the country are in the Center.

Our medical team

Dr. Goran Nikolov

specialist internist - cardiologist

Dr. Maja Vrchakovska

specialist internist - cardiologist

Prof. dr. Tatjana Milenkovich

specialist in internal medicine, endocrinologist

Dietetics and Diet Therapy

Aleksandra Prendzova

nutritionist, engineer – food technologist

Biochemical laboratory

Slagana Efremova

мед. лаборант - техничар

Medical technicians

Emilija Stancheva

nurse – technician

Anife Ibraimi

nurse – technician

Administration and marketing