ABOUT Prof. Emeritus Dr. Mirko Krstevski

specialist internist - gastroenterohepatologist

Prof. Emeritus Dr. Mirko Krstevski, specialist – internist, subspecialist – gastroenterohepatologist, born on February 28, 1949. Consultant at PHI “Internal Medicine Center SRCE” since 2013.

Work experience and education:

1973 Faculty of Medicine at the University “St. Cyril and Methodius ”in Skopje

Rade Jovcevski-Korcagin High School, Skopje

Consultant in PHI “Center for Internal Diseases HEART” Since 2013

Work and professional experience:

Clinic for gastroenterohepatology at the Medical Faculty in Skopje where he remained until his retirement in 2013

Subspecialization in Gastroenterology, 2000

Elected professor at the Faculty of Medicine in 2000

Elected associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine in 1995

Completed his doctoral dissertation entitled “The Place and Role of Rectosigmoidoscopy and Fiberoptic Colonoscopy in the Detection of Colorectal Malignancies and the Prophylaxis of Colorectal Cancer” in 1990

Elected assistant professor of Internal Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine at Ss. Cyril and Methodius in 1990

Specialization in internal medicine in 1976 and passed the specialist exam in March 1981

Elected Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine in 1976

1974-1975 Emergency Medical Service at the Health Center Skopje


Most significant professional achievements:

After a three-month stay in Lyon, France, at the University “St. Eugene – Jules Courmont and Edward Eriot he introduced endoscopic ligation and cryotherapy to treat bleeding hemorrhoids

In 1990, he promoted colon endoscopy as a screening procedure for the early detection and removal of precursors of colon cancer

Additional information:

Head of Digestive Endoscopy Laboratory at the Clinic for  Gastroenterohepatology at the Medical Faculty of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje

Member of the Medical Chamber of the Republic of Macedonia (LKM)

Member of the Ethics Committee at LKM

Deputy Director of the Clinical Center Skopje Ss. Cyril and Methodius

President of the Scientific Association of Gastroenterohepatologists of the Republic of Macedonia

Member of the Mediterranean Association for IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) IBD RESEARCH GROUP

Member of the European and World Gastroenterological Association

Member of the World Association for Digestive Endoscopy

Member of the Macedonian Medical Association

Member of the Association of Internists of Macedonia

Study stays abroad:

2013- Operative Endoscopy Course, Rome

2012 – European Gastroenterology Week, Stockholm

2008 – World Gastroenterological Congress, Montreal

2004 – 39th Annual Meeting of the European Liver Testing Association, Berlin, Germany

2001 – Rational Prescription Drug Training Program, University of Pittsburgh, Center for Clinical Pharmacology, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

2000 – Immunosuppression at BCC, Standards and New Directions, Freiburg, Germany

1999 – European Gastroenterology Week, Rome, Italy

1999 – Project Conference, Renal Impairment in Patients with VCC, Naples, Italy

1997 – European Gastroenterology Week, Birmingham, England

1996 – Falk Symposium, Lugano, Switzerland

1996 – European Gastroenterology Week, Paris

1995 – European Gastroenterology Week, Berlin, Germany

1991 – Study stay at the City Hospital in Nuremberg, as a scholarship holder in the city of Nuremberg, Germany

1990 – European Gastroenterology Week, Amsterdam

1985 – Stay in Lyon, at the Universities “Eduard Eriot and St. Eugene ”as a scholarship holder in the city of Lyon, France

Awards and professional recognitions:

Plaque of the Medical Chamber of the Republic of Macedonia, 2002

The Trifun Panovski Award, 2008

Articles and articles in monographs, textbooks, teaching aids:

Chapter, Bowel Diseases, Textbook of Internal Medicine, 2005

Chapter, Bowel Test Methods, Textbook Clinical Trial, 2006

Author and co-author of more than 80 scientific research papers

Scientific research support:

General area of ​​scientific interest – Gastroenterology

Narrow field of scientific interest – Digestive endoscopy, screening and early detection of digestive cancers

Scientific projects: 

Renal Impairment in BCC Patients, Antwerp, Belgium (International Multicenter Study, 1998-2000, Assistant Researcher)

Epidemiological Characteristics and Quality of Life in Patients with BCC (Mediterranean for BCC, BCC working group), 2003

Epidemiological Characteristics in Patients with Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease in the Republic of Macedonia, 2000-2003, leader

The Place and Role of Medical Therapy in the Prevention of Varicose Veins in Patients with Cirrhosis, 2002-2004, Macedonian Academy of Sciences, research assistant