ABOUT Sandra Petkovska

nutritionist, engineer – food technologist

Sandra Petkovska, nutritionist, engineer – food technologist born on 26 June, 1992 in Skopje, has been in the Internal Medicine center, Srce since 2016.

Work experience and education:

2011-2015 graduated engineer, technologist, at the Faculty of Technology and Technical Sciences in Veles.

2007-2011 Josip Broz Tito high school

Work experience:

Starts working as a nutritionist in Internal Medicine Center, Srce immediately after the graduation

Professional training:

July, 2016  – training for MoraNova and  Hrono diet implementation, Belgrade

Additional skills / information:

  • Sandra Petkovka, “Benefits from the Consumption of Organic Food”, International Congress ,, XI Food Technology, Quality and Safety # Novi Sad 2015, Serbia
  • Sandra Petkovska, Aleksandra Prendzova, lecture on “Hrono Diet’ – 40th IMS Congress & South-East European Summit for Residents and Young Doctors
  • Sandra Petkovska, Aleksandra Prendzova, 3rd Health Fitness and Wellness Expo – lecture on “Hrono Diet’
  • “Eating Up Your Own Health”, lecture, prof. Robert Lustig, Belgrade


  • skiing
  • hiking
  • dancing
  • reading books
  • listening to music
  • cycling