Preventive check-ups.


Preventive medicine and preventive check-ups, obviously, aim at prevention, detection at the very beginning, especially of the latent diseases, which the patient still does not feel sympthoms of or they do not cause particular difficulties. The implementation of several complementary investigations of the internal organs can help detect the disease in its early stage, when the result of the therapy would be most effective.
All of the diseases, even the most difficult ones, do not show symptoms at the beginning. Neither the patient, nor the doctor can detect the beginning of the disease without a diagnostic check-up. This is the very idea of the preventive check-ups, because a check-up after the first symptoms appear is hardly a preventive one, and it might be too late then.
We have been offering preventive check-ups in The Center for Internal Medicine Srce since the beginning and we have had numerous patients both from Macedonia and from abroad, including politicians and successful entrepreneurs, and many others who are aware of the importance of health care.
Our Center is well known for its comprehensive check-ups for each and every individual.
Namely, when detecting certain diseases, it might take a number of investigations in order to exclude the existence of an illness. We cannot claim that the patient is OK, based on a single investigation, because of the possibility for a false negativity. That is the reason we emphasize the importance of a complete check-up. Only a complete check-up can help us set an accurate diagnosis.

The preventive check-ups are for the middle aged and older population. The first preventive check-up is recommended at the age 35-40. The younger population needs a preventive check-up in case of hereditary condition (if the illness runs in the family) or in case of health problems. This kind of check-ups is highly recommended for those over 50 years of age, since this is the period when most of the diseases turn up.
Preventive check-ups are frequently labeled “manager check-ups” as managers are constantly exposed to excessive stress, which is a strong risk factor and compromises health. What is more, diseases do not spare anyone in their 50’s, so it is recommendable for everyone to have a preventive check-up, regardless of the profession.
We recommend having an annual check-up, since the health condition is an ongoing process, so a several-year old diagnosis may not be valid today.

The preventive check-ups in the Internal Medicine Center, Srce include a series of investigations to meet the criteria for comprehensive and detailed examination and following the individual need of the patients. All of the check-ups, including the preventive one, start with an elaborate interview (anamnesis and status), and are followed by diagnostic and laboratory investigations , and, finally,end up with a talk with the patient , during which the doctor explains the patient his health status, based on the investigations, giving the patients suggestions for further monitoring, possible additional investigations or treatment in a written form.

In the Internal Medicine Center Srce, you can get an accurate diagnosis without having to visit other health institutions, due to the fact that some of the best specialists perform a wide spectrum of investigations, using modern technology. In addition to the expertise, the personnel are kind and patient, which is often equally important for the patients. We try to maintain a pleasant and positive atmosphere so that the patients feel relaxed and comfortable. The patients’ compliments for the doctors and the entire personnel indicate that we manage to achieve this.