Nutritionist Check-ups

In accordance with the latest government guidelines, we have prepared online nutritionist and control check-ups that will be simple and efficient!

The online check-up includes a video consultation that will help our nutritionists and doctors preparean individual diet that will be sent to Your e-mail.
Once You come for a follow-up control, You will get a Food Intolerance Touch Test to over 250 typesof food, as well as Body Composition analyses. The Food Intolerance Test and the Body Composition Analyses are included in the price payed for the online check-up.

How do You make an appointment?


Fill in the contact form below, without skipping any of the mandatory boxes..


We will contact You to give You payment information. Once the payment is accomplished, we will e-mail You a detailed questionnaire and a suggestion for a laboratory analyses that You should have and e-mail us the lab results.


Having received the fulfilled questionnaire and the lab results, the doctors and the
nutritionists arrange an online meeting with You on Skype, Viber or WhatsApp..


After the check-up, we e-mail You Your individual diet, supplementation suggestions and we
arrange a control check-up appointment.


After You have followed the diet guidelines for a certain period of time and have had several online controls, we can arrange Body Composition Analyses and Food Intolerance Test in the office.