The Internal Medicine Centre “Srce” is a private medical organization, established in 2003, and lead by Dr. Goran Nikolov, MD in internal medicine and subspecialist cardiologist. After 18-year successful practice, we celebrated the 18 th anniversary on new location. In the past period, the Internal Medicine Center “Srce” has grown into a referent, respectable private medical institution. We must point out the fact that we are one of the few private medical institutions that work and operate completely independently.

The center offers specialist/subspecialist diagnostic procedures in the field of internal medicine: cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, nephrology, rheumatology and angiology. In addition to this, we perform extensive laboratory investigations, as well as investigations in the field of preventive medicine and dietetics and dietotherapy. We have a biochemical laboratory and several departments:

  • cabinet for internal medicine and diagnostics
  • cabinet for cardiology
  • cabinet for preventive medicine, diethetics and diethotherapy

The departments consist of several units: thyroid gland, andropause, diabetes, peripheral artery disease, hypertension, arrhythmia, chest pain, nephrology and gastroenterology.

Our Essential Values

Fundamental Goal

Our goal is to set investigation based diagnosis within the shortest period of time.

Mission Statement

Highly professional, kind and reliable treatment of the sick patients and prevention for the healthy

Basic Values

Expertise, reliability, kindness, accuracy and efficiency are our basic values.


Alongside the regular staff, that comprises of doctors specialists internists and subspecialists cardiologists, nutritionists, biochemical engineer, nurses and laboratory technicians, and an administrator, the Internal Medicine Center “Srce” also cooperates with a team of consultants, professors and subspecialists in various fields of internal medicine, who permanently perform highly sophisticated diagnostic procedures. Subsequently, you might say that some of the best internist in the country are in the Center. Expertise, devotion, persistence and consistency are the main features of our clinic.